Xmp Toolkit

To understand what XMP Meta information from the Toolkit says about your file, first, we need to understand what XMP means and what it is able to do. XMP comes from the Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform. It offers a simple way to include metadata for images (as well as other multimedia files). It does this by adding metadata tags in the form of XML texts to the headers of the file.

In that light, what exactly do you mean by an XMP toolkit? The XMP Toolkit is used to implement metadata tags, as mentioned earlier. It comes with a variety of libraries that can perform various duties when it comes to adding metadata tags to the image, such as a JPEG image.

The numbers given for XMP Toolkit meta information indicate the version of XMP Toolkit was used to include an extra meta tag. Most often, it's a variant of Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform; however, other software may modify this information and be therefore found.