Start Time

The Start Time information is most often found in video files however, it can also be found in images or audio files. It is the most significant information when it comes to video files like MOV MP4, MP4, or AVI, however. Therefore, this article will focus on describing what is the Start Time metadata found in these files.

The Start Time is used to coordinate different elements within the video, like audio and video streams and subtitles, or even comments. The format is typically milliseconds or even seconds. The Start Time indicates the date of the first frame in the video. Based on the format of the container (e.g., MP4 vs. the AVI format) and the format of the container (e.g., MP4 vs. AVI Time could differ or display a negative number. It doesn't mean that there are frames absent from the video; however, it could mean that the speed of the frame is different between the video videos contained in the files.

The Start Time could be displayed in your document in different ways also. One is known in the file as "PTS" which is a reference to Presentation Time Stamp. It also defines the start of the very first frame of the video. Although the start Time is usually stated in seconds, PTS utilizes timebase units or samples to determine the value.