Sample Format

The metadata in Sample Format can be found in any audio files as well as video files. In certain cases, different file types could include a value for Sample Format as well. In most cases, when looking at the metadata for your file, the Sample Format is abbreviated and identified as "sample FMT." The fmt here is simply an abbreviation of the format.

What does the Sample Format say about your file? It can be utilized to calculate the number of bits utilized in each sample. The more bits in the file, the more data is stored in the sample. Therefore, 8-bit has less information than 16-bit. Sample Format of 16-bit. There are several widely utilized Sample Formats. These are listed below starting from low quality to top quality:

  • 8bit
  • 16bit
  • 24bit

Alongside the number of bits in each sample, additional information about what is known as the Sample Format is usually provided when you check the details of the file. For instance:

  • U16 - unsigned 16-bit
  • S16 is signed 16 bits
  • S16p is signed 16 bits and planar
  • FLT - Float
  • Fltp - float, planar
  • dbl - double
  • dblp - double, planar