Probe Score

In some instances, the extension of your file type could differ from the nature of your file. It may have an extension similar to .mp3. However, it actually is of the AAC type. The commonly used FFmpeg program can determine the true kind of file regardless of its extension. For this, it makes use of the probe program that reads the first few seconds of the file to determine any information regarding the exact file type. After this has been completed, FFmpeg assigns a score on its findings. This is known as the Probe Score.

In the event that you find that the Probe Score isn't high enough, it's most likely the file is an alternative type to the one the extension might lead you to believe. A high Probe Score, contrary to what you might think, indicates that the file is of the identical type as the extension. The highest Probe score of 100 indicates that FFmpeg can be, in essence, 100% certain that the extension of the file is the correct file type.