Page Size

Document pages, particularly when the purpose of the document is in printing, must adhere to specific guidelines with regard to the size of the page (also known as the size of paper). If you are looking at a document, such as a PDF RTF or Microsoft Word document, can provide valuable information regarding the size that the document was designed for.

The way that paper sizes are displayed is a matter of individual preference. What they share is that they are based on standard guidelines. They can differ across nations; however, there are some international standards that are utilized the most frequently.

Based on the document you are using, the Page Size will be displayed in either of these formats or in a combination of both of them:

  • The actual size of the page is in centimeters, inches, or points.
  • The paper size standard name

A prime example of the former one is "594 884 pts". This could be read as "Letter" and "A4". Combinations are also possible, like "595.32 x 841.92 (a4)". (a4)".