Frame Rate

It is a factor that you should know when dealing with videos. But you've probably seen it mentioned when talking about games, movies, or other video clips and the way they are presented by various devices. But what exactly is Frame Rate?

The Frame Rate is the number of single images appearing in any video or playing video games. The images that appear as singles are known as frames. So, often the Frame Rate can often be referred to as frame frequency.

The Frame Rate is measured in frames per second and is abbreviated as FPS. A video with 60fps means that it shows a total of 60 frames per second.

Human eyes can discern the difference in Frame Rates quickly. 10-12 frames per second can be seen by the eye as single pictures. If you have a Frame Rate greater, however, our eyes interpret the images as moving. The more high the Frame Rate is, is more "fluent" that motion appears to be.

The Frame Rate may be divided into a video file to show different variations of the frame rate. For instance, Frame Rates can be displayed for multiple streams of your video. It can be stated as the maximum or average Frame Rate of the video file or provided with additional information about the software that is used in the creation of your video.