Pages in file

The metadata of Pages is fairly straightforward. Metadata information is available in all types of documents, including documents belonging to the Microsoft Word family (DOC, DocX, DOX, and DOCM), PDF files, HTML files, and other Microsoft formats, such as presentations (PPT PPTX, PPT) or sheets (XLS, XLSX).

Some images could contain Pages too. What they are in agreement with is that images can be made up of several images. Layers that could be referred to as Pages. This includes layers that can be classified as Pages. This includes Adobe PostScript format PS and other PostScript images like EPS.

By their definition, pages comprise pages of paper, inside magazines or books, or something similar without or with content on both sides. It is possible to translate this into digital media, too. Documents, for instance, can be visually presented in the form of "literal" pages, too. It could also be referring to the volume of information that can be shown on a computer screen at the same time.

In a document, Pages metadata has a numerical value. It is used to indicate that there are Pages contained in the document, and sometimes it is also an ebook. Sometimes, it may be written with the letters "n_pages" as well as "num_pages," which means the number of Pages.