Exposure Mode

Modern photo cameras, specifically DSLR cameras, provide different exposure modes to photographers. They can also be referred to as shooting modes and be classified as any of the three categories:

  • auto
  • scene
  • P, S, A, & M

If you are using the auto-exposure mode in the mode of auto exposure, it has full control of the shutter speed (LINK) and aperture. It adjusts these settings depending on the lighting conditions when the photograph is taken.

Scene modes leave the setting to the camera; however, they offer presets for shooting modes for photographers. The "scenes" are created to be optimized to serve their purposes like portraits or night nature photography, sports, and so on.

The Exposure Modes in the second category allow photographers to set the shutter speed and aperture to a certain degree according to the mode that is selected. Take a look at the following overview:

  • P: programmed, aperture, and shutter speed are controlled by the camera.
  • S: shutter priority, the aperture is controlled by the camera and the shutter speed is determined by the photographer.
  • A: aperture priority, the aperture is determined by the photographer. The shutter speed is controlled by the camera.
  • M Manual, aperture, as well as shutter speed, can be determined by the photographer.

Therefore, M Exposure Mode is the best option. M Exposure Mode gives the photographer maximum flexibility in the camera's settings.