An Encryption Process

Encoding processes can be present in both video and image files, but they're usually directly produced by a Camera for video or photo like MOV, MP4, and raw camera images. It's also called the encoding process

Image and video encoding can be used to encode images and videos for display in a format that all software and computers, and browsers are able to accommodate. This is usually necessary since some videos cannot be watched by the majority of video viewers, as well as not every image-viewing software can be used to display certain image files.

Therefore, high-quality original files must undergo certain modifications with respect to display, codecs, and more to be accessible to a wider audience.

There are various Encoding Methods that can be used to encode videos or images to make them viewable. The information that is displayed in the metadata of your file will show the process that is used for the particular file. If you see an encryption Process discovered when you check your files for any hidden data, you can be sure that the file is encoded for you to open and be able to view or even watch it.