The metadata information for the Creator of a file is pretty straightforward. The Creator indicates who is accountable for the development of the files. The person who created it.

For photos, it could be the photographer who took the image or designed the image. In the case of documents, it's generally the author who wrote the text. The same is true for electronic book documents. However, with ebooks and documents, the metadata about a creator is more prevalent. When it comes to audio file metadata, the person who created the files could be the recorder or producer person. It is also possible that the Creator is used instead of the standard metadata band or artist.

In some instances, the Creator of an image isn't always an individual. This metadata tag could include information about the program, software, or (online) service which was used to make the files. In these situations, the metadata usually includes information on what is the purpose of the Creator, like "creator tools" and "creator software".

The Creator is not in the same position as the owner of the work because the rights to research or creative work may be transferred to a different person or a company.