A Comment generally is referred to as a comment or an element of information that is added to an event. Comments can be posted via YouTube, blog posts, newspapers, forums, or in a conversation.

In the case of the meta information contained in the file, a Comment performs exactly the same. The comment adds additional information to the file. The field is included in the metadata of files to provide the editor, manipulator, or Creator an additional field to make comments. The information that is provided in this field may differ greatly. As we said, it is manually entered and is not provided automatically by the device or program that created the file. Of course, programs could also fill in this field, but they do so with the data about the file; however, the information that the program would like to include is additional information.

There are also different instances of a Comment within an archive. The majority of the time, this meta-information includes details about the language (en de, en, etc.).) or comments that are specifically from software or program (e.g., Apple or Quicktime Comment). Therefore, based on the further name of the Comment meta-information, it is possible to identify the time and date of the comment. For instance, "image comments" contains comments that are specifically linked to images within your file as well as "premiere Data Media Log Comment" is a comment from the data log of the software Premiere.

A few examples of the values of Commentary include:

  • branding of the software, program, or site employed
  • Information about the Creator
  • advertising
  • Nonsensical information
  • information that was not suited in any other place