Camera Model?

Any kind of file that is created by the camera, whether it's a digital camera, DSLR as well, or the camera of a tablet or phone, may contain metadata that is identified by"the" Camera Model. This includes raw camera photos like NEF or CR2, as well as compressed images like JPG or TIFF and videos taken using cameras like MP4 or MOV.

As the name implies, The Camera Model gives you further details on the camera that was used to create the image. Particularly, it provides an indication of the model of the camera employed.

Digital cameras include their exact model's name in the exit data of the video or image. Therefore, the value for this key metadata can be:

  • Kodiak c310 digital camera
  • eos 1300d
  • DSLR-A330 (referring to the Sony digital camera)

In the case of tablets or smartphones, the model name usually includes the model name and the model number of the device being used. For instance:

  • iPhone 8
  • HTC one
  • galaxy galaxy

Sometimes, the information provided by Camera Model may be misleading. The camera Model does not give the instant answer to which camera was used to take the photo or capture the video. In these instances, the model name reflects a technical description of the lens or camera employed, for instance, in a smartphone. Think about the following scenarios:

  • Sm-g930v (referring to the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera on Samsung Galaxy S7). Samsung Galaxy S7)
  • The e6810 (the lens that is used on the Kyocera DuraForce phone)
  • 8mpaf_s0 (referring to the camera on ET1 tablet) ET1 tablet)