Attached Pic

In certain documents, it is clear that there is visual information, including, for instance, videos and photographs. However, a lot of other documents can include Attached Pictures too. What purpose do these images serve and the reason they are located in particular files is discussed here.

In electronic books, there are a variety of options to include an image attached. It could be illustrations graphs, diagrams, graphs, and other images in the book to assist with the text. The most commonly used instance, however, is what almost every book has on the cover. So, in certain cases, the cover of a book can be shown as an attached Pic in the metadata for ebooks.

For audio and music files, there's the possibility of attaching a Pic, too. Many audio files include an image of the cover. This could be the cover image of an album as well as the thumbnail for a video if you've ripped the audio of the video.

In general, it is the case that in general, the Attached Pic information may be a reference to a thumbnail of the file, too. This could be the initial Page of a document, an image thumbnail or image, or an image still taken from the video.