How to View Metadata Of An Image

There is a lot to photos and web images that miss our eyes. They are a treasure trove of hidden details. A picture is worth a thousand words, but metadata in that aspect is sometimes worth millions or even billions.

The metadata of an image contains information like the date the files were taken, the photo's name, its dimensions, information about the camera, and so much more.

It's an incredible skill to know how to access a photo's metadata, and it can be beneficial if you are sorting and organizing all your photos.

In this blog, you will learn how to view the metadata of an image on various devices such as Windows, Mac, and iPhone. You will also learn about different types of metadata.

What Are The Different Types Of Metadata?

There are two most common types of metadata, EXIF and IPTC. EXIF stands for the exchangeable image file and is data embedded into images produced by digital cameras. It contains all the information regarding the camera setting Used while clicking that picture so that you can recreate it.

On the other hand, IPTC stands for International Press Telecommunications Council, a format used initially by media houses to track photos. IPTC contains a description of the image, copyright information, keywords, the photographer's name, ando licensing information.

How To View Metadata On iPhone

Firstly, Apple doesn't provide much information about your photos. There are several methods by which you can find your image metadata on your iPhone. You may have to install a third-party app to do that.

The first method to view the image metadata data on iPhone is through the files app. Files is a built-in folder located on your home screen.

Remember that this method will work only for iOS 13 and iPadOS.

The second method is to install a third-party app that may allow you to access hidden info about a particular image.

Some apps that you can use are Photo Investigator, Metadata Remover, Metaphor, etc. These apps can be used to access as well as edit or remove the metadata.

How To View Metadata On Android

Viewing metadata on an Android device is relatively easy. You can see basic information like the photo type, its dimension, and the size and resolution of the photo using a simple tool.

You can only view the metadata and not edit it. You will require a third-party app to process such advanced actions.

How To View Metadata On Windows

You do not require any app or program for viewing metadata on Windows. Follow these simple steps.

That's it, and you will have access to all the advanced settings and camera settings and some basic image description.

How To View Image Metadata On Mac

To access the metadata of an image on Mac, locate it and right-click on it.

How to View Image Metadata on the Web

We hope you found the above-mentioned methods helpful in killing your curiosity. Now you can know all about the author of the image and the conditions in which it was taken. We hope you are able to make the most of your own metadata.