How To Remove All Metadata From An Image

Metadata can help you identify the place where a photo was taken. It can also help improve your photography skills by adjusting your camera settings.

It can also be used in categorizing and sorting. Forensic scientists use metadata to find hidden aspects related to a crime.

But if you do not want to upload your photos with all this hidden information, then there are ways to upload pictures online without revealing your secrets. One method is to remove EXIF data from your photos entirely using various online tools and softwares.

Removing metadata is mainly done for privacy concerns. Sometimes people do not wish to upload it with the photo’s original location, while sometimes, they do not want to reveal their identity or camera settings, so their pictures are difficult to recreate.

Removing Metadata With The Help Of Windows

Currently, only Windows allows you to remove all metadata from an image, and images are one of the easiest files to change your metadata in.

Now, follow the following steps to remove all metadata from an image in Windows.

Please note that you cannot remove all metadata if you are using Windows 10. So, how can you remove it then? Read below.

Removing Metadata With Photoshop

Most devices do not come with an inbuilt ability to remove image metadata. And you will have to resort to a third-party app to remove all data.

Image editing softwares like Adobe or GIMP provide an easy way to remove all metadata from an image. Here’s how you can do it. Follow the steps below.

A clear understanding of how image metadata works will put you in a better position to take amazing pictures and also protect your privacy.