How can I view the EXIF data of an Instagram Photo?

Do you wish to view the EXIF data for an Instagram image?

But before we dive in, how much do you know about EXIF data?

Let's start with a more straightforward approach and understand what EXIF Information is.

"EXIF" stands for "Exchangeable Image File Format." EXIF is a type of metadata embedded in images taken with digital cameras (so it applies to digital photos as well).

EXIF data records necessary details about digital photographs you take, such as the camera model and shutter speed settings, GPS coordinates, date/time captured, any copyright and licensing information, and more.

This article will discuss how to view the EXIF data of an instagram photo.

To address the elephant in question, unfortunately, Instagram does not directly display EXIF (Exchangeable Image Format) data in posts.

It is essential to be aware that Instagram deletes EXIF data when uploading images onto its platform. Instagram has yet to provide an explanation for its decision.

It is possible that data is lost when digital information is altered during upload. It is possible that this initiative has been designed with various objectives in mind.

It is essential to remember that you cannot extract EXIF data from an image on Instagram.

But if you want to view the EXIF of a picture posted on Instagram, then you'll have to download it from its source and use third-party software that reads EXIF data, such as IrfanView or Adobe Lightroom,, etc.

If you choose to open a digital photo, there are methods for viewing its metadata. Viewing EXIF data depends on the device you are using to view an image.

Below are some of the most popular ways to view EXIF of images. Remember, these strategies apply to any image downloaded from Instagram or another source.

Viewing Exif Of Downloaded Images

Images on PC

If you have a picture on your Windows PC, you can quickly access EXIF data by viewing its EXIF information.

On PC, this is the primary location for EXIF data storage.

Mac Users

For those using a Mac instead of a PC, the steps to get there differ.

iOS users

If you own an iPhone, then using Photos App is essential.


On an Android device, you can access EXIF data by accessing its EXIF info tab in google photos' gallery.

Viewing Exif Without Downloading The Images


There are a few third-party apps and websites which enable the extraction of EXIF information from an Instagram image. One such site is

It offers a free tool that enables users to extract EXIF data by uploading their images onto their websites.

To extract EXIF data from an Instagram image using, follow these steps:


To conclude, it is fairly difficult to extract EXIF data of an image posted on IG as the app deletes most of the metadata during upload. On the other hand, some users may opt to delete the EXIF data from their images for security or privacy concerns. There's no guarantee that you can obtain EXIF data for every picture posted on Instagram.